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Central Oregon Home Owner

"Two weeks after I had my landscaper construct a large decroative pond, my dog waded into it and punctured the rubber liner.  Unfortunately my landscaper hadn't told me about Polyurea technology.  I hired Ultra Coating LLC. to replace the flimsey rubber liner with their product that will last forever."

Water Feature Project

"I found through research, that the only way to attach my pond liner to the rocks in my water feature design, was to use the Polyurea technology.  Becuase the Polyurea is a spray application, it will automatically adhere to the rocks, and then the rocks themselves become part the the liner! Ultra Coating LLC. was great to work with because they were always on time, on schedule and the project was perfect and with in the budget we agreed on."

Secondary Contaiment

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to recommend Ultra Coating LLC. to you. Randy was easy to work with and fully complied with all of our safety policies. I observed him working and was pleased with his attention to safety and to details of the job. He was determined to get it right. He remained true to his quote even though the job took longer than anticipated due to its complexity. He fullfilled our expectations and the work looks like it will definitely provide the secondary containment protection that we required.

Dan Rowell , Environmental Manager

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