Randy Walton
Application of spray-on Polyurea coating to Geo-Textile Matting for large pond.

Randy Walton
Sealing liner around PVC drain.

Attaching liner directly to rock surface, especially useful for water features.

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The shape of a decorative pond excavation creates the only form generally needed for spraying polyurea to build a water tight shell. The moisture tolerant material can even be applied in inclement weather or hot sunshine. Rocks and other decorative materials can be placed around the sprayed form with little danger of damage to the water tight integrity.

Some of the many advantages to the applicator are: Short gel time, quick initial cure which allows handling within minutes, the speed with which large sections can be built, the ability to spray a seamless membrane of any thickness in one application with its cure relatively unaffected by damp or cold conditions.

The biggest advantage is this, Durability. The added toughness which polyurea affords makes it more than worth the added cost over a sheet liner pond and the cost compares very favorably with well-built cement ponds. With polyurea, there are no seams to fail and no protective site preparation is generally necessary. It doesn't need to be handled gingerly during installation as sheet liners do to prevent tears on sticks and rocks. A pond built with polyurea, with it's remarkably high physical strength and elongation, is far less susceptible to damage.

An excavation is typically used as the final form, and the containment is built in place. The flexible shell is sprayed section by section-pond, stream, waterfall, to fit the excavation like a glove. Built in this manner, a fully integrated seamless membrane that closely matches the contours is created. Spray application allows ancillary apparatus, such as PVC pipe penetrations, skimmers, and bottom drains to be encapsulated. Encapsulation goes well beyond the usual mechanical connection or gasket or bead of seal, and is therefore many times more reliable.

Polyurea shells achieve required strength at a fraction of an inch in thickness. The hole you dig is the pond you get. The added durability which polyurea affords makes it more than worth the added cost over a sheet liner pond. There is no need for protective carpet laying, no fill-in of sand for bedding.

Spraying polyurea elastomer to build a membrane on the surface of a cracked concrete pond can give new life to the structure. The process is building a flexible shell within a brittle form. This ends the crack-fix-crack-fix cycle permanently, spraying a membrane thick enough to build a blatter which, if removed from the concrete form, could stand alone.

Polyurea is among today's cutting edge technologies. Those who follow sound design and construction practices and the best application procedures find polyurea spray elastomer a panacea for water containment construction and repair.

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